Before estimating the budget needed for building and maintaining a website, our potential clients need to consider the Web Planning process to assess and specify their needs clearly. Then this page and the below table will help them to estimate the required budget. Generally, after web planning, the website is built in the following steps:  


1) Building Contract Agreement and deposit: After we've received your deposit, signed contract agreement and required materials (content, logo, photos, other items as noted in our Web Planning guide), the design and development begins on the date agreed to in our contract.

2) Test Website: A test site will be available for review at each step of the design creation and development process, with regular communications throughout (usually by email, but sometimes by phone).

3) Final Website Deployment: When the site is completed, we get your final OK, final payment, and we then upload your new site to your server (or send you the site by zip file or disc, if needed).



Price ($ USD)
Preliminary Web Planning (Requirements Analysis, Website Structure, Content Structure)
4 days
Preliminary Web Planning including requirements and target market analysis, website development strategy, website structure, content structure, and structure of different web pages)
Custom Graphical Design, User Experience and Interactive Design
7 days
5 custom graphical design is drawn by a professional graphic designer for the main page of the website according to the client's needs and requirements, and the website ease of use (user friendliness) and elegance criteria, so that the client choose one of them for implementation. User Experience and Interactive Design including the effects and dynamics of web pages are mostly determined in this phase. Also the graphic designer oversees the implementation of the website template (web pages) from the graphical and user experience point of view. 
Website Template Building
15 days
The graphical design chosen by the client is implemented as a real website template. The client will be able to consider the work progress at a temporary (demo) web address.
Website Deployment and Complete Configuration
5 days
The website is deployed in a hosting server and can be seen at its real web address (domain). The website is completely configured and its initial content is entered once (At most 15 simple textual and image pages, for more or custom pages or contents, please refer to the items 6 and 12 in this table.).
Slide Design
$12 per slide
Slideshow is usually shown or placed on the main (home) page of the website and it contains a number of pictures which are moving and replaced with each other in a specific order.
Responsive Design
7 days
The website design is made compatible with the screen size of smart phones and tablets. Such a design is known as Responsive Design. 
Custom Web Page Design
$15-80 per custom page
Custom web pages contrary to ordinary and simple textual and image pages have a relatively complex structures. For examples, they contain a number of tables or horizontal or vertical content blocks with special designs. The time required for designing and implementing such custom web pages depends on the degree of their complexity.
Multi-lingual Website
$ 180 per additional language
For each additional language, $ 180 is added to the cost of building the website. 
Content Management System (CMS)
The content of the website can be managed by a powerful and popular content management system (CMS) with functionalities for the registration of website users and managing user accounts or profiles. So, if the client learns and knows the CMS, then he can manage the content of the website himself.  
Web Hosting
100 giga byte disk space, unlimited bandwidth, triennial billing cycle, in USA hosting servers (data centers)
Technical Support
We are responsible for every technical issues found in the website template, and the issues will be fixed freely at any time. 
CMS Training
$17 per session
The client is trained in private sessions to learn how to use the CMS for updating and managing the content of the website.
Maintenance, Data Entering, Content Management
Prices are below
The costs of website maintenance, data entering, and content management have been presented below this table.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Result oriented 
Mutual Agreement
Increasing page rank and search engine visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing, ...
General E-commerce Functionalities
12 days
General E-commerce functionalities including online catalogs, shopping cart, orders, and online payments. 
Custom Web Applications and Functionalities
Mutual Agreement
Adding some custom fuctionalities to the website may involve custom programming and development that its cost depends on the amount of work needed to be done for implementation. But many of the custom functionalities of the website can be provided by utilizing pre-built software extensions that in these cases, the client is only charged for the costs of software research, consulting, buying, installation, and configuration.


• Website maintenance and data entering services:


This service includes entering data into the website and website content management according to the requirements of the client and creating backup from the website data periodically to preserve the website against unexpected accidents which can cause data loss or damage. The pricing for various volumes of data entry are as follows:


1- Too small volume (less than 7 hours per month):                                          $50 per month

2- Small volume (more than 7 hours and less than 20 hours per month):         $120 per month

3- Medium volume (more than 20 hours and less than 50 hours per month):   $300 per month

4- Large volume (more than 50 hours and less than 100 hours per month):     $750 per month

5- Too large volume (more than 100 hours per month):                                    $1800 per month