Icons are the visual or written symbols that can transfer messages quickly and concisely. Nowadays, the icon is used more and more. The human’s need to be more concise and the concession and also the power of visual connection comparing to verbal or textual connection has led to use icons more extensively in different fields of information.

If you have a look at the modern websites and their graphics, you can notice different icons in different places in different sizes that are used to transfer the messages or information, to brief the process of message transferring, to connect the user to the necessary subjects, to accredit and improve the beauty and the visual attraction of website. In some cases, we can even observe that the texts are substituted for the icons. The icons are the main elements in website room and the most important parts of the website are introduced and managed by attractive 2 or 3-D icons.

Apart from the websites, the icons are playing a key role in computer software, multimedia, television graphic, advertisement and environmental graphic. In case of computer software and multimedia, the icons can have a great role to transfer the messages that can make them to be simple and easy to understand for all the ages and all the languages.

We will try our best as well to create the icons compatible to your activity.



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